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The Workplace Platform

Manage your entire employee lifecycle though one secure platform!

AppsCo simplifies and automates your people operations as onboarding, changes and offboarding. It will help you to maintain overview and control over your apps and access, HR master data, HR processes and Compliance.

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Who is it for?

AppsCo can suit wide range of

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    Top Management

    Stay up to date with business flows and have an overview of key performance indicators from one place.

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    Accountants / Payroll

    Automatic time tracking takes care of converting clock-in times to paycheck.

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    IT Admins

    Connect to all of your favorite apps and manage your company’s devices from one secure platform.

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    HR Professionals

    Get rid of manual processes and create your own or use our ready-made HR processes for your needs.

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    Security Experts

    Setup access to apps in one click or set up Single Sign-On to apps.Swift control over apps and devices.

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    Easily adjust workflow, have insight into all work tasks and procedures, quickly transfer information between colleagues.

What We Offer

We provide you with an employee management platform

AppsCo One is an platform that will help you manage all your employee data and operations by using only one system. By simplifying and improving company and employee administration of HR, IT & Compliance we will help you focus on people, not processes.

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    Human Resources

    Get rid of manual processes and create your own or use our ready-made HR processes for your needs. Full Employee Self Service portal.

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    IT Management

    Setup access to apps in 1 click or set up Single Sing-On to apps. No more headaches from forgetting/losing your passwords!

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    Security & Devices

    Setup, control and manage all employee devices, mark them as secure, enforce IP whitelisting and strict access management.

AppsCo Solutions

Modern age problems require modern age solutions

  • Open API that enables integration with other systems quite easily.

  • A scalable system configurable to your needs.

  • SaaS system that grows with you. Pay as you go model.

  • Engage your workforce so that no matter where your employees are, you are always on top of your HR processes.

  • The system supports SSO, access to other systems, automatic provisioning and setup of access, security as devices, 2FA.

  • Everything is governed by Policy so that the platform is completely international from day one and supports all languages. Efficient Mobile Solution — Employee Self Service with customer branding.

We give you the platform of possibilities adjusted to your needs, easy to adopt & use

It can always be a challenge to bring something new to your organization—especially something that changes the way people work. This is why we have built AppsCo One to be intuitive, clear, and easy to use with a strong focus on Self-service and the mobile application. Our app includes the tools and features you need to work more efficiently and gives employees access to their benefits anywhere, anytime. We’re all about good value — and it isn’t just about being affordable. It’s about knowing what features you need right now and anticipating how you will grow.


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Easy to Adopt & Use

AppsCo One Integration

Connect to all of your favorite Apps and manage your company’s application and devices from one secure platform. By setting your company’s dashboard you share your applications and services with your customers and employees. AppsCo One ensures the entire process is seamless for both you and your workforce.

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