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More efficient workday for managers and employees with digital handbooks!

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Most modern businesses have dynamic working environments where policies, information, and routines change day-to-day.

Our interactive digital handbook will make sure all employees received, read, and understood their latest work updates on time. AppsCo One has partnered with Azets to bring your company and your employees the best possible overview of policies, rules, labor laws and updates.

Key benefits

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    Automatic Updates

    Laws and regulations will be automatically updated and links to legal texts are easily accessible. Both managers and employees will have access to a regularly updated rule book that can save time for everyone.

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    Digital Personnel Handbook

    The AppsCo One and Azets Digital Personnel Guide provides employees with a complete overview of their rights and responsibilities.

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    Everything in One Place

    Excellent guide and reference for both employees and managers. The content is fully searchable and accessible no matter where you are via the Handbooks app. Employees are able to find all relevant information on their own, which is an excellent time saver.

Key features

The standalone handbook module is accessible to content creators and readers 24/7/365 across all devices. Check out the features:

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    Cloud-Based Solution

  • message-edit-3

    Easy to Use Built-In Content Editor

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    Add Personal Branding

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    Use Google og Microsoft to log in

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    Publication Hub

  • message-edit-9

    Assign responsibility for different chapters

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    Digital Company Handbook

  • message-edit-1-6

    All Information in One Safe Place


AppsCo & Azets

Azets is already responsible for the content you will get available with the purchase of a handbook. They will also continuously update text so that everything is in accordance with legislation. If you need our help with editing your company’s internal text, Azets can provide you with the necessary assistance. They have experienced HR advisers who can look through current routines and provide input for formulation and possible improvement. They can also assist with advising managers and/or employees related to the interpretation of the legislation, in case there is a specific issue you would like to understand better.

Why should you purchase Handbooks?

  • The most time-consuming groundwork is already in place.

    With a digital personnel handbook, the groundwork will be done for you. You will have access to an updated manual that contains all the chapters a manual should contain according to law.

  • All relevant information on the employment relationship in one place.

    By using the basic information and adding company-specific content and links, employees can find all information about the employment relationship via the Handbook app.

  • It’s really easy to find what you need.

    Every handbook consists of chapters which have an easy to use search function that simplify finding the content you need.

  • Customize your Handbook by adding your own internal rules and routines.

    It is possible to add your own text and links to, for example, other websites and videos. By using this option, you can customize your Handbooks to your company's and employees' needs.

  • You can have more than one content admins.

    Customized and company-specific text can easily be added to the solution by one or more administrators.

  • Extremely helpful for new employees.

    With all the information about the employment relationship gathered in one place, it will be easy for new employees to find all information they need on their new workplace.

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