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Designed to let you focus on what matters most – your people

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The People function is the core of the personnel administration and the link itself between a person and an employee. Good worklows in handling documentation does administration easier and helps the company to work with the right processes.

With this module, the entire life cycle of employees is managed. Get a good overview of employees in the company, onboarding and offboarding process, absence, medical follow-up, employee interviews and evaluation

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    Organizational Chart View

    This section will give you on overview of the internal structure the company. The employees and positions are represented by boxes including photos with a clear visual depiction of the hierarchy and roles.

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    The absence section allows you to easily see and manage employee absenses and who is at work from one place. Calendar overview. Use AppsCo Integrations to streamline processes.

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    Onboarding has never been easier. Add new employees with a few clicks and track their status in the onboarding flow. Optimize and automate your onboarding flow by simply creating the fields you need. Use AppsCo standard setup or create your own custom fields for your business.

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    Easy offboarding with a few clicks. You are able to see and track offboarding processes divided into three categories based on their current status. End the employment relationship in a proper way.

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    Follow Up Sickness

    Follow up people sickness in process or list view and use “group by status” as help for quicker navigation.

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    Follow Up

    Follow up with employees and stay on track overseeing the current status in the process or list view.

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    This section provides an easy way to evaluate people. You can see and track evaluation processes divided into four categories based on their current status.

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