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Manage Customer life cycles and improve customer communications


With the Time Control module, you get control of external invoicing, tracking of customers, hours and devices!

The functions allow you to manage tasks you have to do for your customers in a structured and easy way.

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    Manage customer information with customizations off fields and categories. Add customer contacts.

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    Administration of customer contracts

    Add contracts. Manage checklists, fixed tasks and documents in a simple way.

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    Administration of fixed and additional tasks

    Fixed tasks are linked to contracts and generated periodically. Tasks that are not fixed and are considered additional tasks, are created on an ongoing basis either via App or web.

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    Checklists Template

    Add one or more checklists as you can use to keep track of your tasks an effective way. Use AppsCo standard checklist templates or create your own per customer agreement. Add comments and photo on each checklist item.

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    Generate Order & Invoice

    Register order lines continuously on tasks or as part of the customer contract. Generate orders basis and send for invoicing. AppsCo has integration with 24/7 Office and Tripletex (Customers and products)

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