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Increase your customer Security & Productivity

Be in a group of chosen companies as an AppsCo Partner

As an AppsCo One Partner, you can create your own portal and marketplace with your company’s branding on a dedicated server

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Let Us Take Care of Your Business

We bring organization and structure to your workflow!

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Private Label - Build your own solutions and grow your business!

Why not achieve maximum business growth with the help of the AppsCo Platform, get a competitive advantage for productivity, growth and profit!

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Referral - Be a friend of AppsCo and earn money!

Be part of AppsCo referral program and get actual money back. All qualified leads to AppsCo will get you concrete reward as soon as potential clients become paid clients.

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Work with AppsCo and bring your company's business flow to another level. Bust up your productivity, efficiency, and security all with one app!

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    Partner Dashboard & Stats

    AppsCo One gives you a dashboard where you can have overview of revenue, invoices, clients and you can efficiently communicate using push notifications. Set up customers and control which employee should have access to which client. You will have a customer SSO daily workplace/team password manager.

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    Enable Your Apps in Our App Catalog

    AppsCo One enables you to set up and integrate your application into our 3000+ application catalog.

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    Cross Client Password Manager

    AppsCo One enables you to share any app and user credentials between the customer team and across different customers as well.

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    AppsCo One enables you to fully control your access as well as your customer’s by using just one username and password. This way you can be more productive and have an effective administration of your customers.

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    Vacation days

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    Remaining vacation days

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    Transferred days

AppsCo ONE

We provide you with a full employee management platform

With your own labeling and branding! Including AppsCo standard integration:


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    Create Sub-Partners

    Set up your sub-partners to build your own ecosystem. Create your own marketplace for your services. Sync your customer logins, billing, and subscriptions. API support. Dashboard administrators for your customer.

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    Create Your Own Brand

    With AppsCo One you can create and brand your own domain, mobile apps and have your own branded browser plugins

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    Full API Support

    Our Workplace partner can use our system to create authorization and provisioning between other systems.

Choose the AppsCo One partner that suits your business needs best:

  • AppsCo One

    Referral Partner

    • Offer your clients a full Employee management platform!

    • Everything your customers need

  • AppsCo One

    Reseller Partner

    • Offer a full employee Management platform to your clients with your own labeling and branding!

    • Includes AppsCo standard integration

  • AppsCo One

    Private Label Partner

    • Fully White labeled AppsCo One Platform in HR&IT!

    • Installed on your own domain


If you are looking to become an AppsCo One Partner, these are only some of the benefits for your organization:


A word from our Chief Commercial Officer.

As a trusted adviser, we would like to work with Partners like you, we believe we understand the problems, issues, and challenges. Our commitment is to help transform your businesses into the edge of IT and embrace all those new and great technologies. And once implemented, these cloud services will allow you to do more with less while staying secure, mobile, and compliant.


Bjørn Woxen Stubberud

AppsCo CCO

    If you have a question for us or want to become an AppsCo Partner feel free to contact us!

    Or just call us: +47 913 41405

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