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Protect your organization by securing and centralizing your applications, devices, and end-users all-in-one place.

Save your time and protect your security with AppsCo.

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Who is it for?

AppsCo has been built for

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    Top Management

    Stay up to date with business flows and have an overview of key performance indicators from one place.

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    Accountants / Payroll

    Automatic time tracking takes care of converting clock-in times to paycheck.

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    IT Admins

    Connect to all of your favorite apps and manage your company’s devices from one secure platform.

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    HR Professionals

    Get rid of manual processes and create your own or use our ready-made HR processes for your needs.

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    Security Experts

    Setup access to apps in one click or set up Single Sign-On to apps.Swift control over apps and devices.

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    Easily adjust workflow, have insight into all work tasks and procedures, quickly transfer information between colleagues.


Workforce Identity

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)


    Secure your critical corporate assets with risk-based access control.

  • Single Sign-On


    One-click access to all apps - in the cloud and on-prem.

  • Advanced Directory


    Secure your critical corporate assets with risk-based access control.

  • HR - Driven Identity


    Control personally identifiable information (PII) and app access over the employee lifecycle.

  • Identity Lifecycle Management


    Streamline user and application management for automated on-boarding and off-boarding.

  • User & App Provisioning


    Streamline User Management Across Applications. AppsCo user provisioning tool allows you to import custom user attributes from external directories and push them to apps that support it.


Customer Identity (CIAM)

  • Unified Cloud Directory


    Synchronize users from multiple directories, sush as: Active Directory, LDAP, Google Workplace, and others.

  • Social Login


    Leverage Trusted IdPs to reduce friction furing the sign-in and account registration process by allowing users to sign in with their social credentials.

  • Account Management


    Simplify customer management & identity operations.

  • APIs & Toolkits


    Customize the experience to build trust and loyality around your brand.

  • Authentication


    Control personally identifiable information (PII) and app access over the employee lifecycle.


AppsCo One will help you boost your team's productivity and put the organization on another level!

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Single sign-on (SSO) Dashboard

Share your applications and services with your customers and employees through your company dashboard and make sure they are distributed according to your access rights rules. Everything you need for a successful workflow is in one central, secure place.


A service for a customer, with cloud infrastructure

AppsCo One supports provisioning and helps you with seamless and secure transition to the cloud environment. Provisioning is essential for onboarding and offboarding your employees, organizing and protecting your company data flow. Integrations enable the exchange of provisioning information and help you automate the management of users, contacts, access and data across different systems in a quick and secure way.


Mark devices as safe/unsafe and disable access from unauthorized devices.

Enforce policies of your choice and enhance the security of your data. (IP whitelisting, Multi-factor Authentication, custom policies etc.) Pinpoint any unusual activity immediately and act accordingly. Oversee statistics on resources usage and all user activity at all times in order to improve your business flow.


Improved in-house security with AppsCo One through:

  • notification

    Secure Announcements

  • group-332874

    Enforcing 2FA

  • group-332875

    Device Management

  • group-332875-1

    IP Whitelisting

  • group-332875-2

    Security Policies

  • group-332875-3

    Mobile Logins

IAM/CIAM AppsCo benefits

AppsCo One takes care of your workforce and customers through strict Identity and Access Management and Customer Identity and Access Management and brings numerous benefits across your entire organization.

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    Benefits for Customers

    Benefits for Customers

    • Single click to access applications

    • One set of login credentials for all services

    • No risk of password and credential theft

    • No multiple logins

    • User-friendly and accessible on mobile, tablet and laptop

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    Benefits for IT Managers

    Benefits for IT Managers

    • User management from directory

    • Quick and easy user grouping and resource sharing

    • Control and overview over access rights at all times

    • 2FA and disapproving logins from unauthorized devices

    • Full user engagement control

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    Benefits for Admins

    Benefits for Admins

    • Extensive SSO application catalogue

    • Provisioning

    • Resource sharing without revealing credentials

    • Security policies, compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)

    • Audit log

    • Secure automated onboarding/offboarding

    • Less time spent on password recovery

    • Reports and statistics for usage optimization

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    Benefits for Your Employees

    Benefits for Your Employees

    • Strict Identity and Access management

    • Solution deployed in your own infrastructure

    • Company branding

    • Custom Single Sign-On (SSO) applications

    • Custom integrations

    • Authentication and Authorization

    • B2B Integrations

    • Lifecycle and user management

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